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Everything You Need to Know About Seaside Repertory Theatre
| Friday, April 20, 2018

Crowd cheering at Seaside Repertory Theatre

The Seaside area in Florida is truly one of the most peaceful and enjoyable places to visit. From local merchants to great restaurants and sunny beaches, you are sure to have a one-of-a-kind vacation here. The beauty of Seaside’s beaches and environment is matched by our fascinating culture and arts scene. Find out everything you need to know about the Seaside Repertory Theatre and experience one of the greatest forms of art.

The Seaside Repertory Theatre will draw you in with breathtaking performances and shows. Keep in mind that there are other exciting attractions to enjoy throughout the beaches and communities nearby. To discover a wealth of useful information on the 30A area, download our free Vacation Guide! You will be able to explore our list of the best things to do, places to see, and activities to enjoy during your stay.

What You Need to Know About Seaside Repertory Theatre

The Venue’s Past, Present, and Future

The Repertory Theatre, often referred to as The Rep Theatre, has a rich history and is building momentum towards an even more successful future. Founded in 2001, this seaside theatre entertains 25,000 attendees each year. Today, the company continues its nonprofit mission to bring the performing arts to the area. If you would like to support their mission, we welcome you to volunteer or donate on their website.

Did you really enjoy an event or performance? Take a piece of the theatre home with you and support the company by purchasing merchandise through their store! You will be helping them continue to be a world-class venue for years to come.

Stunning Performances and Programs

Among Seaside Repertory Theatre events are some of the best shows you will find in Northwestern Florida and beyond. This company is renowned for attracting world-class talent from all over the globe, and it definitely shows. Check out their professional theatrical performances as well as live music shows at their Live @ The Rep Concert Series. The Rep hosts shows at multiple venues throughout Seaside, Florida, so be sure to check their events calendar to stay informed!

The Seaside Repertory Theatre also offers a variety of programs and workshops open to the public. If you’ve ever wanted to try improv, they host Improv Bootcamp for all ages! Professional or aspiring artists in various categories including literature, music, artwork, and performing are welcome to participate in their month-long retreats called Escape 2 Create. Unlock your inner creativity!

Enjoy Top-Notch Lodging Nearby

Here at Royal Destinations, we want to provide you with the greatest opportunities to experience everything 30A has to offer. For those interested in viewing some of the spectacular performances at The Repertory Theatre, we offer several excellent rental properties nearby.

We pride ourselves on offering the best service and accommodations to make sure your trip to 30A is memorable and enjoyable from start to finish. Let us help you select the perfect rental near the beaches, shops, and theaters of Seaside. Many of our properties are pet-friendly, too! Feel free to explore our list of Seaside rentals and filter by “pet-friendly” so you can bring your loyal friend along!

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