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Everything You Need to Know About Where 30A Is
| Friday, June 8, 2018

A white-sand beach where 30A is

Discover where you can find the vacation paradise known as 30A! This stretch of land in Florida is a truly incredible destination. Take a walk along stunning beaches and check out many unique communities. If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit, we strongly encourage you to make the trip. Find out where 30A is and enjoy a memorable vacation this year!

Once you find out where 30A is, take a moment to explore the wide variety of activities you can enjoy here. We make it simple and fun to fill up your itinerary with highly recommended things to do. Download your free Vacation Guide now for helpful information on 30A! Learn about our local beaches, restaurants, spas, shops, and so much more! Grab your guide now and get the most out of your trip.

Where is 30A and What Can You Do There?

The Location

Did you know that the 30A is designated as a Florida Scenic Highway? This remarkable roadway is located in South Walton County in Northwest Florida. It stretches along the Gulf of Mexico through about 20 miles of stunning beaches and towns. This includes several beach communities from Santa Rosa Beach to Inlet Beach, before reconnecting with US 98. Discover unique activities and attractions as you journey along these 30A beaches.  

Things to Do

With so many unique beach communities, you have numerous great activities to choose from. Sit back and relax on pristine white-sand beaches, cool off in the turquoise waters, grab a seat at one of the best restaurants in 30A, Florida, and so much more. In Santa Rosa Beach, you can rent a bike and go for a fun ride on the scenic Timpoochee Trail. There are also spas, boutique shops, and museums throughout the area. If your vacation takes you to Seaside in 30A, see if you can catch a show at The Repertory Theatre. Don’t forget about the long list of adventures on the water like kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing!


If you’re looking for warm days and sunny skies, 30A is a great option. The weather and climate here offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures and beachside relaxation. In the winter months, the average temperature can be in the mid-50s. Summers bring averages around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and highs toward 90. Just remember to bring sunscreen and you’re in for a wonderful time!

Stay in Luxury in 30A with Royal Destinations

Get the most out of your stay in 30A, from start to finish. When you choose Royal Destinations for your vacation rental, enjoy luxurious accommodations and services in convenient locations. We have a long list of extraordinary options throughout the communities of 30A. Marvel at stunning views from your property, step outside with easy access to the beach, and surround yourself with local culture and attractions. You can even select your ideal spot based on our map. Take the next step toward a memorable vacation. Check our availability and reserve your top-notch rental today!

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