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This Is Why Eden Gardens State Park Is the Perfect Outdoor Oasis
| Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Wesley House at Eden Gardens State Park

The Sunshine State is all about the outdoor lifestyle. With warm, summery weather year round, it’s rare that you’ll feel the urge to remain inside. Break free from the confining walls of the indoors by making Eden Gardens State Park part of your itinerary during your stay at Royal Destinations. This natural oasis is the ideal location for taking advantage of the awesome Florida weather and will leave you searching for even more outdoor fun. However, you won’t have to look very far when you download our free Vacation Guide. Here, you’ll find all of the best attractions, restaurants, and events to continue your escape in the sun.

Find a Slice of Heaven at Eden Gardens State Park

Four Park Programs

The Junior Ranger Program and the Outsiders Club are educational, active programs for kids. After signing up, participants have the opportunity to get trained in fun outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hiking, or kayaking. If you download a Junior Ranger Passport, you can get stamps for completing challenges at every Florida state park and work your way to becoming an honorary Ranger!

Additionally, the Park offers adventurous programs for all age groups. For instance, the Manatee Educational program leads visitors to a picturesque natural spring located on the grounds. Here, gentle West Indian manatees glide through the sparkling waters. Learn more as your designated guide explains how the location is a home for injured manatees and provides insights on how to protect these gentle giants.

The park also offers an Operation Recreation GeoTour, which is a program reminiscent of a scavenger hunt. Simply sign up online to track down clues scattered throughout the park that eventually lead you to a secret treasure! It’s a unique way to explore the scenery while brushing up on your navigational skills.

Three Unique Experiences

Eden Gardens provides you with a wide variety of experiences and amenities, beginning with tours of the Wesley House. This large, white structure with two-story columns sends you back in time to an era of elegance. Within, you’ll find the original owner’s heirlooms and antiques, which showcase more of Florida’s history.

Near the house is a hiking trail for you to traverse. If you’re staying in one of our pet-friendly properties, you’ll find that this is a great location for a stroll with your furry friend. Take a journey through ethereal ornamental gardens and past a scenic kayak launch that looks out at the Choctawhatchee Bay.

Since the kayak launch is on the bay, it’s the ideal location for an afternoon of fishing. Grab a rod and see if you can catch local fish like redfish, grouper, or flounder! It’s a relaxing way to enjoy the Florida sun.

Two Ways to Camp

While you can find some awesome nightlife in 30A, it pales in comparison to an evening under the stars. Experienced campers and curious beginners will be happy to discover two options for camping in Eden Gardens State Park. The grounds contain full-facility campsites complete with grills, showers, and fire rings, as well as locations with more primitive surroundings and fewer amenities for a secluded excursion.

The park also gives visitors the option to rent a cabin. Nestled away in the natural surroundings, you’ll get the feel of camping with the luxury of a private, non-communal space.

One Fantastic Stay with Royal Destinations!

After exploring the area and experiencing our scenic suites, you’ll fall in love with 30A. From beachside cottages with views of the Gulf to rentals with private pools, there’s something for everyone. Our amenities and central location encourage you to get out and enjoy the stunning Sunshine State. Book today to begin your ideal outdoor adventure!

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