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There’s a story behind the name… Many years ago, early seafaring explorers saw from their ships what looked like blue mountains on the coastline of northwest Florida. After coming ashore, however, they realized they had been mistaken. These were not mountains at all but rather dunes covered with beautiful blue lupine flowers, and they stretched into the distance for as far as the eye could see. The idea of blue mountains stuck, and so did the name. Since then this coastline has been lovingly referred to as Blue Mountain Beach. Of course, a lot has changed.

Over the years this particular stretch of Scenic Highway 30A has evolved into a dazzling seaside village with an identity all of its own. Situated between Grayton and Santa Rosa Beach, it’s famous for its family-friendly atmosphere, cozy beach cottages and condos, quaint specialty shops and galleries. And yet a few things have stayed the same…. For instance, the turquoise waters of the Gulf and the sugary-white sand are as pristine as ever, making Blue Mountain Beach the perfect beach getaway. Best of all, our Blue Mountain Beach vacation rentals are near it all.

The restaurant experience in Blue Mountain Beach is nothing if not spectacular and varied. When you stay in any of our Blue Mountain Beach rentals, you’ll be able to cruise on down to Basmati’s for spectacular sushi, or drop by Lucille’s Gossip Parlor for cocktails and conversation in this one-of-a-kind, retro-style café. Grecian Gardens is the place to go for traditional Mediterranean fare in an inviting atmosphere. The inimitable Cajun hotspot Blue Orleans is where you’ll get your étouffée and gumbo fix.

Blue Mountain Beach is also an artist retreat. Here you’ll find renowned artist Justin Gaffrey, the master of magnificent dollops of color on canvas. The results are spectacular landscapes, flowers, marine life that evoke the exotic beauty of the Emerald Coast. Gaffrey knows a good subject when he sees it, and he’s not alone. The area’s distinct vibe attracts painters, folk artists, musicians and writers from around the world.

Perhaps the most underrated amenity on this particular section of Scenic Highway 30A is the Timpoochee Trail. This stretch of the bike trail wends its way through one of the most beautiful segments of the corridor – past three of the coastal dune lakes, over shallow hills brimming with pine and over scenic wooden bridges. Restaurants and watering holes are frequent along the path, as are sightings of pelicans, bald eagles and water lilies floating atop tranquil brackish waters .

Blue Mountain Beach is as much a state of mind as it is a beach destination. From the spectacular waters to the artistic community to the fabulous cuisine, this section of Scenic Highway 30A delights the senses and much as it inspires the imagination. Vacation is all about taking a break and our Blue Mountain Beach vacation rentals provide all this and more. This chic little beach getaway is a break from the ordinary.