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6 Ways to Increase Income for a 30A Vacation Rental

11 Sep 2023
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30A Property Management

Your decision to own a 30A luxury vacation rental isn’t just about your family’s memories; it is also an investment, and it is our job to ensure you get the most out of it. As a 30A property management company, we have insight into what travelers search for most and the amenities that cause them to click on your home. We’ve compiled a list of 6 ways to increase income from your 30A luxury vacation rental:

#1 - Utilize dynamic pricing

Taking a more comprehensive and data-driven dynamic pricing approach allows rates to continually be adjusted up and down by your 30A vacation rental management company in (nearly) real-time as the market presents opportunities and/or challenges. This is ideal compared to the static rate-driven pricing approach other 30A property management companies take to maximize revenue. Set your home up for success from the beginning by putting it in dynamic pricing.

#2 - Repeat guests are key

Repeat guests are vital to a 30A rental management company and a 30A vacation rental. Guests who have stayed in your home before and had a memorable experience are more inclined to book in advance and pay a higher premium to lock in their dates. Also, repeat guests tend to leave more 5-star reviews for your home, which is incredibly important. Travelers want to know what recent guests have said about the home they are considering. Ensuring that your home is in tip-top shape and that guests have a memorable experience is of the utmost importance and keeps a guest returning year after year.

#3 - Easy access to the beach (or a solution if your home isn’t)

Travelers are searching for a hassle-free way to get to and from the beach. If your home is a lengthy distance from the beach access, an easy fix is to purchase a golf cart. Whether you choose to list the golf cart as free of charge or there is a weekly rate to rent, the ease of a golf cart allows guests to overlook the distance to the beach.

#4 - Offer amenities that travelers are searching for

‘30A vacation rentals with a private pool’ is one of the most popular searches for a 30A getaway. If your home is far from the beach, a private pool may be an easy way to compensate for the distance. Also, many of our guests are multi-generational families, so travelers are searching for the ease of traveling with young children and grandparents. Many travelers seek a private pool to entertain the younger kids without having to haul all their necessities on a long walk to the beach.

#5 - Have up-to-date pictures of your home

With over 15,000 vacation rentals to choose from on 30A, it is incredibly important to have a ‘money shot' that shows the highlight of your home and causes travelers to ‘click.’ A ‘money shot’ is also incredibly important for marketing your home. Drone shots are always a great option if your home does not have a ‘money shot’ and are great for easily showing the proximity to the beach access.

#6 - List your 30A luxury vacation rental as pet-friendly!

As traveling with your four-legged friends becomes more and more popular, so does the demand for 30A pet-friendly rentals. With a small majority of 30A vacation rentals listed as pet-friendly, set your home up for success and be one of the select few 30A pet-friendly rentals.

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