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3 of the Best Reasons to Visit Point Washington State Forest

19 Aug 2018
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Things To Do

Florida is home to over 10 million acres of protected land, making it an amazing destination for wildlife exploration and outdoor adventure. If you’re in the panhandle this year and in need of something to do beyond the beach, Point Washington State Park is the perfect place to experience Florida’s natural beauty. With plentiful hiking trails, marshland scenery, and camping grounds, you won’t need to look very far to find some outstanding nature-loving activities. 

What to Do in Point Washington State Forest


Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, but not everyone wants to sit in the sand for the whole week. If you’re looking for a chance to get moving and see a side of Florida that you can’t see from the beach, Point Washington State Forest has some excellent hiking opportunities. With three trail systems that are located a half-mile south of 98 on 395 and a horse trail north of 98 on Bay Drive, there’s plenty to be discovered in this beautiful nature preserve. Whether you pack a lunch and picnic on the shore of the Eastern Lake or take the family for a long bike ride through the marshland, Point Washington State Park offers an exciting change of pace from your typical Florida beach vacation.


Hunting isn’t just a great way to experience Florida’s natural wildlife and scenery. It’s also the perfect chance to spend time with friends and family while building important outdoor skills and finding healthy, locally sourced meals. Depending on the season, Point Washington State Forest’s huntable species include duck, quail, turkey, deer, and wild hog. For more information on Florida’s hunting rules and regulations, visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.   

Jeep Trails

All the adventure and none of the hassle, Point Washington State Park’s Jeep trails are an incredible way to see the park without walking a single mile. Cruise down the park’s well-kept roads and experience Florida’s wildlife from the safety and comfort of your own vehicle.

Where to Stay When You Visit Point Washington State Forest

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